Being able to train your staff in key true-to-life scenarios is a must for any successful business.


StageLab offers a professional role-play acting service, providing an effective and realistic tool for vital communication skills training.


 Whether your training involves face-to-face sales, customer service or any other specific scenario, our professional service includes experienced and adaptable role-play and specifically tailored case studies centred on realistic, true-life events.


Participants are able to practice their skills and receive useful feedback about communication and how to improve.


The benefits of using a professional role-play actor for staff training are:


  • Realistic scenarios for participants

  • Participants taking the training scenario seriously

  • Actors portray genuine reactions and can improvise as needed to adapt as scenario unfolds

  • Participants are kept ‘in the moment’

  • Actors can portray many different characters in one training session


Lead actor Rose has five years’ experience working as a role-play actor, including working for the police, armed forces and various private companies in the Netherlands, along with experience acting various medical scenarios for trainee General Practitioners in New Zealand.



No matter what business you’re in, book Rose to ensure your training is not just effective but appealing too.